Sunday, December 7, 2008

Calen's Combat Report

1st Combat Report in Fey Wild:

Executive Summary
Party encountered 1 lamiar, 4 prismatic drakes, 1 dire bear. Encounter was a trap laid by Lamiar. Party defeated the ambush although 1 party member nearly died. Expanded 25% resources during encounter.

Long Summary
Party entered fey wild at 1200 hour. Followed magic flow towards town of Mith using magic goggles. Heard cry of distress from .25 miles away from flow, decided to investigate. Upon investigation, discovered single Eladrin male perched on top of tree under assault from 4 prismatic drakes and 1 dire bear. Decided to engage creatures at 1230 hour.

Upon combat engagement, eladrin male unveiled itself to be a Lamair. Had stunning attack that disabled half the party for 1/3 of combat duration. During this time, one ranger striker was near death due to concentration of attacks upon him. Survived due to timely rescue by health potion and aid by non-stunned party members.

Note: Combat surface (grass) was also actively hindering party progress.

Successfully eliminated all creatures but lamiar escaped despite concentration of firepower upon it. Tree cover too thick to consider pursuit. Decided to continue upon main quest. Revenge not recommended due to hostile environment.

Engagement terminated at 100 hour.

Zaeris as usual was superb, single-handedly dispatching 3 enemies over the course of encounter. Rendered ineffective 3 creatures during critical period by using his storm of daggers technique. Recommend for additional combat pay.

Neither Meritous nor Demeritous:

Muhan was solid as ice as usual, while neither doing spectacular, was not actively hindering party.

Chimala was also solid, doing her job by actively harrying enemies at range and doing sufficient damage to drive the lamiar off almost singlehandedly.

Terran was actively engaged in melee and like Muhan, was neither spectacular nor hinderful.

Thamores continually stayed under fire in spite of direct orders to get to safety. Caused active hinderment of party actions due to over-extension of self. Recommend for more squad combat training when back on base. Still useful for single target attacks

Self, poor decision to enter into combat without further scouting. Probability of avoiding combat was about 50% if some scouting and observation could have been done. Recommend for disciplinary action due to poor squad command.

Additonal Notes
Recommend squad for more combat practice as a squad. Clearly the last break was too long and the squad performed poorly as a result, resulting in too many 1:1 situations rather than the 3:1 as favored by combat protocol.

Lamiar disabling 1/2 the party was cause of squad breakdown, recommend retraining in skills to prevent such breakdowns.

Overall combat was a success due to severe critical successes by Zaeris, thus only 25% of resources was expanded. That was pure luck and cannot be counted upon. Estimated resource expansion without critical successes would be closer to 50% and perhaps loss of Thamores.

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