Saturday, December 6, 2008

Personnel File for Zaeris

(Filed in the Iron Sun headquarters)

Classification: Confidential; for senior commanders only
Zaeris (Last name unknown, but possibly from a noble household in the Underdark)
Sex: Male
Race: Drow
Age: Unknown; estimated to be between 80-120
Rank: Specialist First Class
Role: Recon/Assassination
Joined: January, 1474 DR (5 years, 8 months)
Missions: 18; 14 successes, 3 partial successes, 1 failure
Kills: 94 confirmed; 34 unconfirmed

Zaeris joined the Iron Sun despite objections from several senior members. He was mainly accepted due to his natural aptitude for stealth, his skills with weapons, and general ability to survive dangerous situations. He has not been forthcoming with much of his history, saying only that he had escaped the Underdark after one day offending a cleric in his home city of (a crime punishable by torture followed by death in Drow society). However, what little intelligence we've received from the underdark suggest that his crime may have been far greater.

Sarcastic, ruthless, and potentially reckless. While he seems to work well enough in a team, he carries from Underdark the general disregard for life, and scorn for those he views as his lessers. His attitude often lands him in trouble, though he appears to have a knack for extricating himself out of such situations. However, he does take his tasks seriously, and can be counted on when the situation requires it.

A loose cannon who should not be trusted with delicate missions unless his skills are absolutely necessary. He is extremely careful about covering his tracks, as he knows that he would be hunted here on the surface world if he was ever suspected of a crime.

Merits and honors: 14
  • The Shield of Dawn - For defending Pelor's followers from Shar worshippers
  • Order of the Sun Citation - Upon completion of 10th successful mission
  • Iron Dagger Medal x9 - Upon every 10 confirmed kills
  • Badge of Radiance x3 - For valorous actions while under extreme danger

Demerits and reprimands: 9
  • Insubordination (minor) x3 - Disrespect of a superior officer
  • Insubordination (moderate) - Disobeying the direct order of a superior officer (extenuating circumstance: actions may have saved the mission)
  • Excessive use of deadly force x2 - Killed target when capture was requested; claimed in both instances targets refused surrender; accounts questionable.
  • Willful disregard for innocent life - Detonated a cask of Alchemist's Fire to wipe out Hobgoblin command tent, despite knowing that there were 4 captives inside; claimed that the Hobgoblins had already killed the captives; account highly questionable.
  • Assault on fellow squad mate - Severely injured Borland Keene, though he claims he acted in self defense. Further discipline not taken because investigation could not prove otherwise, and Borland was a well-known drow-hater.

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